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giving a helping hand
to home healthcare

Truvitals has the determination to keep pushing forward.
Truvitals' vision is to create a world of non-invasive, good
health practices. The world is filled with many ways to become
unwell, but Truvitals' innovation and passion works to create
better, more effective ways for people to monitor their health
and take proper care of their wellbeing.

Precise readings

The thermometers are sensitive and able to pick up
different surface temperatures easily. In order to create
pinpoint precision, the thermometers sensors are equipped
with silicon lens that focus in on the surface you are aiming
at enabling you to read the temperature of one
person or object at a time.

No contact required

The built-in infrared chip and sensor within the thermometers
measure thermal radiation emitting off surfaces. Because of
this, there is no need for the thermometers to touch the skin
resulting in low risk of contamination and infection.

Instant feedback

Truvitals' thermometers are designed for the main
purpose of checking human body temperature. To do this,
the devices are designed with a specialized algorithm
specifically for reading body temperature. As a result, the
data that is sent to the thermometers is not only accurate,
but immediate.

The health companion

With our innovative app, you can send your temperature readings straight to your doctor.

Truvitals app

With the Bluetooth function, you can connect your thermometer to the Truvitals app. Have all your collected medical data at the ready with Truvitals.